Celebrate EARTH DAY April 22 and everyday! Plant a tree or flowers…

According to World Book Online, Earth Day was started in the late 1960s to bring awareness to people about our impact on the environment. On Saturday April 22nd, there were celebrations all over the world regarding Earth Day. In addition, the Science Community marched in protest of the Trump’s Administration stand in not supporting science research and cutting programs that support scientific inquiry and discovery. Do you agree with President Trump that Global Warming is a myth and we don’t need to protect the environment? or Do you think that we need to pass laws to help protect our environment? What are your views on off shore drilling for example? Do we need safety standards to prevent air pollution? Do you think Businesses will do the right thing to protect our environment without laws to protect us? Please post your views.

Read more about the World Book Article on Earth Day and its history…

Earth Day is an annual observance, held on April 22, to increase public awareness of environmental issues. Each year on Earth Day, millions of people throughout the world gather to clean up litter, to protest threats to the environment, and to celebrate progress in reducing pollution.

Earth Day began in the United States. In 1969, U.S. Senator Gaylord A. Nelson suggested that a day of environmental education be held on college campuses. The following year, the lawyer and environmentalist Denis Hayes, then a recent graduate of Stanford University, led hundreds of students in planning and organizing the observance of Earth Day on April 22, 1970. About 20 million people participated in this celebration.

The observance of Earth Day in 1970 helped alert people to the dangers of pollution and stimulated a new environmental movement. That same year, Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency to set and enforce pollution standards. Congress also passed the Clean Air Act of 1970, which limited the amount of air pollution that cars, utilities, and industries could release. Other new environmental laws soon followed.

See also Environmental pollution; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Denis Hayes, J.D., President and CEO, Bullitt Foundation.
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21 thoughts on “Celebrate EARTH DAY April 22 and everyday! Plant a tree or flowers…

  1. I believe that we should have laws to protect our resources then letting it sit there for us to take into waste. We are not careful because we are reckless and young to understand this “global warming”.

  2. I believe that we should have laws to help out the environment. Trump has the wrong idea of global warming being a myth. It is affecting our everyday living and not having any laws may cause a bad impact in our whole world.

  3. I strongly disagree with President Trump that global warming is a myth as evidenced by the decrease of glaciers world wide, the increased heat of ocean temperatures, the declining Arctic sea ice,etc. It is important to protect the environment and follow strict pollution laws to maintain the health of the Earth and to elongate the life span for all it’s living things. Some consequences our future generations may face are heightened heat waves, floods, droughts, and other weather disasters; furthermore, global warming caused by humans can cause dirtier air and higher death rates. Clearly, we should pass laws to prevent air pollution and businesses should have restrictions on how much contamination they release into our ecosystems.

    • Thank you for your post and sharing your thoughts with us! Global Warming is an issue and America isn’t doing our part like before under the Obama Administation. We pulled out of our United Nations agreement. It is sad. Read about what Obama was trying to do for our future. Obama led global efforts to finalize the International Climate Agreement. It was negotiated in Paris on December 12, 2015. Countries agreed to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon trading. Members decided to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. Developed countries will contribute $100 billion a year to assist emerging markets. Many developing countries bear the brunt of damage from climate change, facing typhoons, rising sea levels, and droughts. Thanks again for sharing with us! Mrs. Brown

  4. My thoughts on global warming is that it exist. It’s real, and it does affect not only animals but humans too. Animals are losing their homes, their habitats and their lives too. Humans are affected too because the global average temperature on earth. Which causes heat, droughts, wildfires, and floods. So, in my opinion i disagree with Trump because global is real, not a myth.

  5. I disagree with Donald Trump because I believe we should enforce laws that help the stop of global warming. Many people and other living things are suffering because of it, so It’s best for us to continue to protect our environment as much as we possibly can. In my opinion, I feel that businesses wouldn’t care the environment if laws weren’t put out to the world, so we must continue to fight for what’s right.

  6. It is my civil duty as an American to go against the beliefs that are incorrect in our government. I disagree with Mr. Trump because global warming does exist, and its a problem that we, as people and humans living on earth, need to prevent from furthering more. Global warming can be seen in both the Arctic and Antarctica, where the ice is melting and this can be dangerous for the wildlife, for they will be stranded and homeless. Trump’s decision to cut of programs that help the environment is a terrible one, and we should instead implement laws to stop it from worsening. Air pollution from factories and big businesses are a problem, pollution and waste lands are a problem, we must be able to stop it from worsening because we are humans as well, and this is our planet, our home. And as said people, we must continue to do whatever we have in our might to continue to fight for whats right for our environment; and the planet we reside in and call home.

  7. so why i thinks is that we need start taking care this wonder full world. Mani people think that the global warming is a myth but i don’t think so. we should enforce laws that help the stop of global warming. So, in my opinion i disagree with Trump because global is real, not a myth.

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  8. I strongly disagree with Trump’s views on Global Warming. Global Warming is not a myth and there is strong evidence that shows it. Every year the earth gets hotter and we’re not doing anything about it. At this rate, it’s impossible to stop it completely. Global Warming is like a virus that won’t ever go away and we caused it. We can’t get rid of it but we can slow the progression by enforcing laws to protect the environment.

  9. my response erased. Hello Roberto, I still want you to comment. Please follow through. It is part of your grade for the semester to blog. Thanks! Mrs. Brown

  10. Earth is a home to all creatures in the world. However, in the last century the common greedy in wealthy business owners say otherwise. If the business owners were to get all the ability to protect the environment they would crash it down to hell. The science programs are need for every day heath and protection against terrorism. Science is a study that people need to follow and need every day of there life. It can help protect people from illnesses. Any cut from the financial cuts from science program is unreasonable and need to be undone.

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