The Age of Misinformation article by JONATHAN ZITTRAIN

“Facebook’s campus in Menlo Park, California” Found the Atlantic 7, May, 2017, The Age of Misinformation.

Hello Students,
I saw this article that one of my previous professors posted that was in the Atlantic journal regarding Technology and I read it. Then, I thought perfect timing. We are overwhelmed by information everyday and how do we decide what is good information from bad information. This article made me pause to ask who is responsible? Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, the gullible public, etc.

I used the CRAAP Test with some classes this school year to help evaluate websites and to get a handle on false and inaccurate information online. What are your thoughts? Do you think Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft has a place in helping us to recognize real facts versus false information. Please read this article by Jonathan Zittrain and let us know your thoughts….

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft must recognize a special responsibility for the parts of their services that host or inform public conversation according to JONATHAN ZITTRAIN. Do you think librarians and teachers can help?

I want to hear from you! Library students need to have a minimum of three points in your response to this post.

Thanks for blogging with me this school year…

Ms. Brown, Teacher Librarian

10 thoughts on “The Age of Misinformation article by JONATHAN ZITTRAIN

  1. In contemporary society, people nationwide will give false information, whether it be because they want to have attention, or maybe they just want to have people fall for their shenanigans. However, we shouldn’t be blaming social media for the misinformation that is released to the world because we control what we put on our social media, not the computers or the mediators, its us who put out what is shared. With the world being like this – especially in America – we cant do anything because its a humanitarian thing that everyone possess. Teachers as well can only do so little, they can only show students whats false and whats factual, but other than that there’s nothing we can do about the misinformation posted on social media. However, we cannot be blaming social media – like JONATHAN ZITTRAIN for people’ wrongdoing.

  2. I believe that librarians and teachers can help with keeping track of how social media may accuse of having misinformation about different topics going on with our society and overall the aspects of what exactly we have going on in the 21st century era. How librarians and teachers can contribute is that they have the knowledge and intellect to view how the media’s information can be faulty. Another thing is that they can help their students know what exactly goes on in our world, which is why they can make an impact.

  3. Librarians and teachers can definitely help. By teaching students about it. For librarians, they can have books about it. And lastly students can go to the libraries and be taught about. we are in the 21st century, we should learn about these stuff.

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