Welcome Back! Check out Google Maps Street View & More

There are great free websites to try this school year. Search under Resources on the left navigation pane. There are websites that you can explore to assist you with your classwork and research. For example, WorldBookOnline is a vetted resource with lots of great information with citations built in at the end of the page. WorldBookOnline has articles in Spanish, too! Look under Estudiantil Hallazgos. Check out Ebsco Explora for high school research. It is excellent! Calisphere has over 900,000 images, text, and audio clips that help you discover California. Google Maps Street View can take you anywhere in the world. How cool to study a place and actually be able to see it online! Please visit the library with your class or individually to learn about how to research and get you ready for college or career! See Mrs. Brown, Teacher Librarian for research questions! Go explore!


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